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About me: :ninja::ninja: :ninja: UPDATE 2018-01-01 PLEASE READ !!! :ninja::ninja: :ninja: SOMETHING NEW for the NEW YEAR !!! :ninja::ninja: :ninja: I'll be posting my best vintage cams of UNIDENTIFIED models as PUBLIC videos. CORRECTLY IDENTIFY (ONE OR MORE OF) THESE MODELS FOR ME (via email or comment) and GET INSTANT ACCESS TO MY PRIVATE VIDEOS!! :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: ====MY "RULES"==== I believe in QUALITY OVER QUANTITY and don't have unlimited time for uploads, so the vids I do upload will tend to be RARE caps of elite ALL NATURAL camgirls in hard-to-find "special" performances. My friends will enjoy them! :ninja: :ninja::ninja: ====IMPORTANT==== With respect, if we're going to be "friends", we should have something in common, right? I only add members who also contribute to the site AND WHOSE UPLOADS INTEREST ME. And, for the record, I HATE FAKE TITS!! If that's your thing, cool, glad you like them, but if that's most of what you've uploaded, don't ask me to add you. :ermm: Have at least 15-20 videos of NATURAL women uploaded before sending a friend request, or it will be denied. TAKE NOTE: If you get denied because you have no uploads, then you ask me a 2ND time, again with zero (or 1 or 2 or 3, etc) videos, you WILL get permanently banned. :angry: Thanks for understanding and respecting my time! Cheers! :ninja::ninja: :ninja: ====EXCEPTION==== POST RARE ==GROUP==PRIVATE==TRUEPRIVATE==BOY/GIRL== SHOWS (NOT COPIES OF CAMS ALREADY POSTED HERE OR READILY AVAILABLE ONLINE): NoWarInHeart (IronBalls, DreamsComeTruee) :devil: TeresaThomas !!! :devil: ChasinLiberty !!! :devil: MiladyCove (CoveClub, CoveLynn, etc) ... pussy! :devil: Girl2Catch !!! :devil: InnocentDoll :devil: SandraPopa :devil: __your_dream__ :devil: BryannaJenn :devil: GG_girl (AnnMarrie) :devil: IndigoWild (HavenReigh) :devil: DakotaCox :devil: SamanthaRouz :devil: ====AND I WILL ADD YOU IMMEDIATELY !!!==== :ninja::ninja: :ninja: Peace Out !!!